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Q-tool goes global

02 February 2011

q-tool consolidation tools are now being accepted in the united states of America as a premium product with fantastic quality and performance. ...

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Q-Tool FAQs

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Q1) What material are the bushes made of?

A) They are brass to make the product easily cleaned by any method.

Q2) Why would I use Q-Tool consolidation tools?

A) Q-Tool boasts many benefits like: robust handles and stronger shanks, reducing effort, making the job easier faster and smarter.

Q3) Do the handles soften or weaken when coming in contact with acetone?

A) No – and the metal is inserted further into the handle to increase strength and ability.

Q4) Are the handles good for grip?

A) Yes – They are ergonomically designed to give maximum grip as well as comfort in order to reduce any likely repetitive strain injury.

Q5) Do you supply small tools for detail areas.

A) Yes – as small as 6mm diameter in the bolt roller.

Q6) Do you have a tool for consolidating prepreg. mat?

A) Yes – the metal spiked roller is very efficient for that job.

Q7) Are these tools likely to tear or damage the mat?

A) No – all the tools are designed to have no sharp edges or corners so this does not happen.

Q8) Do you have a tool for working with curves e.g. radar domes.

A) Yes - the spring roller is best for this as it conforms to the curve and means that you get 100% of the tool working for you not just the middle 30%. With two different sizes and flexibility of the tool head it accomodates all curves and angles whether they be convex or concave.

Q9) How many tools in a box?

A) There are 12 on all the main sizes but some of the larger ones there are 6.

Q10) We have a lot of spray or splash from tools that causes us problems – what would you recommend we use?

A) We would recommend using the Fin or Spiked roller as this helps to reduce splash as well as having fast de-aeration properties.