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Q-tool goes global

02 February 2011

q-tool consolidation tools are now being accepted in the united states of America as a premium product with fantastic quality and performance. ...

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With many years of experience in the GRP and composite industries, Quin has developed the ultimate consolidation tool system for all your Glassfibre needs.

Having spent many hours of meticulous development with the user in mind, we have developed a range of tools that are probably the best in the world.

Having spent time in looking at ways to increase the performance of the tools, we have increased the shank size reducing RSI (repetitive strain injury) caused by the bending of the metal shanks. Combining this improvement with a unique ergonomically designed handle to increase user comfort, and unmatched roller sizes and types available…

We believe the Q-Tool range will make your job more enjoyable, easier, faster and smarter.